by Ivori Teasette

When I hear the phrase “A Man of Morehouse,” College Fellow JaMarcus Spears’ smiling face and effervescent personality come to mind. The oldest of six siblings, he sets a great example, at home and beyond. At Central High School, JaMarcus was an athletic trainer for the football and volleyball teams and also served as a student ambassador. His junior year, he was dead set on attending Howard University, but he ultimately landed at Morehouse, a top historically Black college, where he is majoring in biology with dreams of becoming a sports medicine physician for an NFL team.

Although a departure from Howard, Morehouse fits JaMarcus well. An all-male college, Morehouse has a rich legacy and unique campus environment which JaMarcus says he feels welcomed and at home in. Adapting to campus has not been a problem, as he did plenty of research before moving in.

I learned JaMarcus won’t become a “Morehouse Man” until he graduates. “I can’t tell you what it means to be a ‘Morehouse Man’ because I am not one yet,” JaMarcus said. “I am a ‘Man of Morehouse.’ Being a ‘Man of Morehouse’ means representing yourself very well and holding yourself to high standards. We don’t settle, and we don’t give up. As a ‘Man of Morehouse’, it is our mission to become active, ethical leaders in our communities while uplifting the people around us.”

JaMarcus gives BRYC a lot of credit for his personal development despite joining in 2017 at the beginning of his senior year, later in high school than most Fellows do. That year his schedule allowed him to be fully committed to the program’s heavy demands. He said BRYC gave him a space where he could learn to be himself at all times, which came in handy when he learned he would not be progressing as a finalist for the Gates Scholarship. When he found out he would not advance, his first reaction was sadness, of course, but he later realized God had better things in store for him and that it was not the end of the world. With the BRYC Team and Fellows there to comfort him, he kept pushing forward, remembering setbacks are necessary parts of pursuing greatness.

Jermaine and Jada are the next Spearses to be Fellows, joining an organization whose value JaMarcus very much believes in. “It is very important for students to begin to get invested in programs like BRYC because that investment is an investment in your life. BRYC is here for our betterment, not just academically but physically and mentally as well. The amount of resources that BRYC offers is needed in the world today for our youth.”

BRYC has made such a strong impression on JaMarcus that he wants to launch a similar initiative one day. It’s no surprise he is one of our most engaged College Fellows, a special person I expect will accomplish big things in the future.