BRYC allowed me to not only understand the importance of my future but set real goals for it. - Markayla

BRYC Overview


The Baton Rouge Youth Coalition prepares high-achieving, under-resourced high school students to enter, excel in, and graduate from college so they can become full participants in society.


BRYC will offer its Fellows individualized academic, personal, leadership and college support services that are equal or superior to the services available to their most resourced peers.


BRYC was founded in 2009 when Daniel Kahn, then a high school teacher, recognized that even his highest-achieving students lacked the resources they needed to realize college success.


The Baton Rouge Youth Coalition promotes intellectual and emotional exploration and risk-taking by offering programs that allow students to think and express themselves freely. Our primary aims are cultivating Fellows’ intellectual curiosities, guiding them toward greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, and fostering a space in which we all can develop a critical consciousness. Success in the college application process is crucial, and to that end, Fellows are asked to perform at a high level in a variety of ways. But BRYC’s main goal is to help students become critical and creative thinkers, and thoughtful, resilient, engaged citizens.

BRYC Programs: The Three C‘s

BRYC Programs Overview 2018-2019


We provide Fellows with ACT prep, tutoring, and academic coaching, and help them to enter, pay for, transition to, and graduate from their dream colleges.


Through discussion and writing, we help Fellows develop self-awareness and confidence and gain an understanding of different injustices in society.


We connect Fellows to valuable resources in BRYC and beyond, and we foster a supportive, engaged community of motivated peers and caring adults.

Development Team

Lucas Spielfogel
Leigh Phillips

Operations and Recruitment Team

Laura Hawkes

College Team

Chelsea Werner
A’Shonte Johnson
Dani Klein

Academics Team

There are no team members to display.

Community Team

Josh Howard
Bree Spielfogel
Jalyn Smith
Antone LeBlanc

Consciousness Team

Michelle Myers
Taylor Anderson

Board Members

Lisa Adamek

  • Lisa’s term on the board began 4/18 and shall continue until April 2021.

Nigel Fontenot

  • Associate, Jones Walker LLP
  • Nigel’s term on the board began 5/19 and shall continue until May 2022.

Kevin Knobloch, Treasurer

  • Managing Director – Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Kevin’s term on the board began 9/17 and shall continue until September 2020.

Sarah Kracke, Interim Chair

  • Owner & President, Kracke Consulting
  • Sarah’s term on the board began 10/15 and shall continue until October 2020.

Mikki Ceasar Mathews

  • Treasury Sales Officer, JP Morgan Chase
  • Mikki’s term on the board began 5/19 and shall continue until May 2022.

Chaunda Allen Mitchell, PhD

  • Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion / Director of Drug Policy, Office of Governor John Bel Edwards
  • Chaunda’s term on the board began 5/19 and shall continue until May 2022.

Jay Noland

  • Owner, Noland Development, LLC
  • Jay’s term on the board began 2/16 and shall continue until February 2022.

Zaheer Poptani

  • Financial Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer, Dent Asset Management
  • Zaheer’s term on the board began 11/18 and shall continue until November 2021.

Linda Orlansky Posner

  • Linda’s term on the board began 4/18 and shall continue until April 2021.