Story by Kenya Carney, Class of 2020

BRYC College Fellow Darrell Moses grew up fast. He is an only child, so he self-reflected a lot, which allowed him to think logically and process emotions. He stayed to himself most of the time and only communicated with a small group of people, but once he joined BRYC, he morphed into a great leader. A 2016 Scotlandville Magnet High School graduate and junior studying mechanical engineering at the Southern University Honors College, Darrell excelled as a varsity football player in high school. He holds many leadership roles from mentoring with BRYC to serving as a general manager on real estate projects; and he also mentors student-athletes at Scotlandville Magnet High School. Darrell is also in training to become the next president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Darrell’s leadership skills were on display when he took a trip to Ghana, Africa last summer. There he performed purification research to lower fluoride amounts in Ghanaians’ drinking water. On the trip, Darrell aided in designing and constructing a cost-efficient and low maintenance water system, which is currently being implemented in the Bongo District of Ghana. This innovative project has the added bonus of preventing dental and skeletal fluorosis, which causes staining and pitting of teeth and bones. In Ghana a day for Darrell would include strategizing on and constructing the structure for the system. Because he is majoring in mechanical engineering, creating and improving a water purification system was an invaluable hands-on experience for Darrell.

Darrell defines a leader as “someone who serves as an advocate for an underrepresented group of people.” Beyond serving as an advocate for the residents of the Bongo District of Ghana, Darrell is now back home advocating for current BRYC Fellows as a Freshmen Mentor. Darrell said the decision to become a Freshmen Mentor made him “ecstatic,” as he now has the opportunity to give back to an organization he feels has given so much to him. When asked how he plans to lead and encourage current BRYC Fellows, Darrell said, “You will forever be hungry looking at someone else’s plate. Sometimes it may require letting friends go or challenging yourself, but you will never make it anywhere standing still.”