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BRYC is a free program that helps students succeed in high school, earn degrees, and secure jobs.


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The Baton Rouge Youth Coalition is a community of dedicated students and caring adults working together to advance equity through access to higher education. BRYC exists because lower-income students of color are systemically blocked from the American Dream: the ability to convert education into personal and professional opportunity. For us, that journey starts early. Our 8th–12th grade Fellows attend weekly after-school or in-school programs that help them improve their grades, conquer the ACT, and affordably enter community, technical, or four-year colleges. It doesn’t end there. BRYC helps Fellows persist in college and launch into careers, maximizing the economic value of their degrees. Above all, BRYC is a village, a tribe, a safety net — a vast web of resources and relationships that Fellows can count on forever. There’s always room in the BRYC Community, and we hope you will join us.

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  • Fellows: Our amazing 8th–12th-grade students
  • College Fellows: college students
  • Alumni: professionals and/or college graduates
  • Guardians: Fellows’ parents and primary caregivers
  • VIPs: Our dedicated volunteers
  • Team: Our passionate employees


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Dalyn Smith, 2023 Jones Walker Fellow

What Fellows, Guardians, and VIPs are saying about BRYC:

“I enjoy coming to BRYC and look forward to it every Monday. It’s a fun way to engage with peers and learn about the ACT.”
Christina P., Class of 2025

“BRYC really changed how I study. It opens so many doors, from opportunities to life skills, and gives you many more friends and outlets.”
Paris M., Class of 2026

“A student should not only join BRYC for support with college preparation, but to make friends and be accepted.”
– Philip O., Class of 2027

“I always have fun here! Everyone is very accepting, and I personally believe that there is a place for everyone at BRYC.”
Baylei D., Class of 2027

BRYC has a positive influence on area youth. Keep up the good work! The college visits and BRYC events build relationships among the Fellows and staff that have a lifelong impact.”
– Carmen W., Fellow Guardian

“I am extremely grateful to BRYC. [My child] is a better organized and more motivated student than I could ever hope for. BRYC has helped make him confident and college ready.”
– Bryan J., Fellow Guardian

“Exposure is a key component to growth and success. BRYC has opened [my child’s] eyes to things I didn’t even know she would be interested in. Thank you for the guidance and enthusiasm!”
– Syretta A., Fellow Guardian

“Working with [my Fellow] and growing a relationship with her has been extremely rewarding. We’ve created a relationship that will go beyond BRYC. I’m very grateful and invested in her success.”
– Sophia E., College Mentor

“[Volunteering with BRYC] actually realigned my career ambitions – I am now interested in youth counseling.”
– Brandon Y., Learning Mentor

“It’s a strong community, and the team is consistent so the structure helps with keeping program organized. As a volunteer, all you have to do is show up and be willing to help. They make it easy to put your focus on the Fellows, which is the most important thing.”
– Tanielma C., Learning Mentor & Alumna

BRYC's COVID-19 Response

Within days of the March 2020 lockdown, BRYC restructured in-person programs to function 100 percent virtually, continuing into and through the 2021–2022 school year with electric virtual sessions. Our team made zero excuses, training to master the exceptionally difficult and specific skill of online instruction. Meanwhile, we helped our families weather resource gaps exacerbated by the pandemic. We distributed laptops and WiFi hotspots to ensure virtual learning equity; raised $50,000 in microgrants for families facing income loss or increased health expenses; and hosted a vaccine event for Fellows. After one fully virtual year (2020-2021) and one hybrid year (2021-2022), BRYC welcomed all Fellows and volunteers back to campus for the 2022-2023 school year. We will continue to adapt and innovate so that nothing prevents the BRYC Community from accessing our services. Learn more about BRYC’s COVID-19 response.

Fellows and VIPs wear masks during COVID-19