Brei Gage, Underclassmen Learning Manager

Brei joined BRYC in 2019 as an underclassmen mentor. In this volunteer role, she worked closely with a small cohort of Fellows, facilitating their Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR). In 2020, Brei entered BRYC full-time to serve as Underclassmen Learning Manager, supporting 9th and 10th-grade Fellows’ self-regulated learning and socioemotional growth through teamwork and project-based learning.

Brei is a native of Port Allen, LA. In 2018 she earned her B.S. from Southeastern Louisiana University in Family Studies and Human Development. After graduating, Brei became a resident of the Relay Graduate School of Education, during which she was a teacher-in-residence in elementary education. In 2020, she obtained her M.A. in Teaching and Special Education.