Applications Being Taken for New Fellows for 2015-2016


The “early” application process for new Fellows is now open.  BRYC has openings for an entire new freshmen class as well as openings for next year’s 10th, 11th, and 12th grade cohorts.  So if you know of a high achieving (3.3 GPA) low resourced student please send them to our online application.

Early admissions deadline is April 1.  Please help us spread the word!

All of the information about BRYC and the application process is above under the Future Fellows tab.  There are four tabs:

  • Why BRYC
  • Fellow Qualifications
  • Application Timeline
  • Apply Now

If you have any questions not addressed on the web site please email us at

BRYCDOWN for week of March 2

Here is this week’s BRYCDOWN – 3.2.15. Please pay special attention to the following (but also read the entire thing) –
  • Preview Days: All Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior Fellows should be signing up for the Preview Days that BRYC is offering to take Fellows to! LSU’s Preview Day is March 6, ULL’s is March 7, and and Southeastern’s is March 14. Please read the second page of theBRYCDOWN for information on how to register for these great chances to see colleges in action.
  • What Are You Doing This Summer?: Believe it or not, it’s time for Fellows to start planning their summers. It is important that Fellows get involved with something meaningful over the summer instead of just sitting around. Parents, we’re talking to you, too! It’s time now to start thinking about what you’re going to do. Check out the BRYCDOWN for some options. If you have a particular interest, reach out to your Program Director and they can help you find opportunities connected to it!

Grade Reports Due

It is grade reporting time.  Download the  Grade Report and have your teachers fill it out.  If you have a current progress report you can attach it to the form.  Reports are due on your last program day of this week (9th and 11th grade reports due Wednesday, March 4; and 10th and 12th grade reports are due Thursday, March 5.

College Preview Days / Underclassman College Tour

Preview Days are about the best way to explore a college. These events usually last between 4-6 hours and allow for potential students to learn about the campus, take part in financial aid sessions, and meet professors from departments that students may wish to pursue their majors. Preview Days are open to all Fellows. Transportation will be worked out after determining how much interest there is. If more Fellows are interested in attending than we have seats for, we will use RUBRYC scores to determine who can attend. ALL Fellows are expected to attend Preview Days for Louisiana colleges prior to their Junior year.

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This week’s BRYCDOWN is published.  Click here BRYCDOWN – 2.9.15 to access.  Highlights include:

  • College of the Week: Each week we will be drawing your attention to, and hopefully inspiring you to perform more research on, a College of the Week. This week it is Beloit College.
  • Tutoring: We have so many awesome tutors coming to BRYC each night. Come and take advantage of this free resource. You should all have straight A’s!
  • Juniors: Take a look at the articles in the bottom left corner of the BRYCDOWN. Be proactive, stay ahead of the curve and get a jumpstart on the college process by reading these articles when you have a moment.
  • Scholarships!! Seniors, there are several scholarships that are fast approaching. Check out the bottom right corner.


Spring Orientation

Spring Orientations went very well with great attendance.  Thank you to our College Fellows and BRYC Alumni (BRYC Fellows who have graduated college) for participating on our panel.  The College Fellows and BRYC Alumni inspired all with their stories.

Spring Orientations

All BRYC Fellows and at least one parent/guardian are required to attend the Spring Orientations.  The orientations will take place at Children’s Charter 1143 North Street at 6:00pm.  The orientations are grade specific and are mandatory.  

  • 9th and 11th grade Fellows
    • Wednesday, January 7
  • 10th and 12th grade Fellows
    • Thursday, January 8 
At the orientation we will review new procedures and go over the schedule for the semester.  Attendance is mandatory for all Fellows.  

Spring Core Program Schedule

Spring Core Programs will begin the week of Monday, January 12.  All spring program times are 4:30-6:30.  Regular Core Program Schedule is:

Grade Level 


9th Fellows Monday  
Children’s Charter  
BRYC House 
10th Fellows Tuesday
BRYC House 
Children’s Charter 
11th Fellows Monday
College Seminar
BRYC House 
Children’s Charter 
12th Fellows Tuesday
College 101
Children’s Charter 
College Workshop
BRYC House